Local honey is a product to be proud of! A high-quality food produced by honeybees on your doorstep. It makes an ideal present for family and friends – a true taste of home.

Bees don’t sneeze

It’s thought that eating local honey can build immunity to seasonal allergies because it contains traces of pollen. Flora and fauna are similar across large areas of the UK and based on this most honey produced in the UK, which isn’t highly processed, should help to alleviate symptoms. However, it’s difficult to say how beneficial local honey is to hay fever sufferers – for example, honeybees don’t pollinate grass and certain weeds and trees that are known to cause hay fever.

Nevertheless, local honey is a real treat on your toast and brings home all the flavour of the trees and flowers growing in your area. Why not try what the bees have been tasting and buy a pot of local honey?

Honey from Ealing

If you are in Ealing and wish to buy local honey, please contact us with your name, address and phone number and we will put you in touch with a beekeeper.

Honey is not the only product from the hive: wax, propolis and pollen are all produced by honeybees and can be harvested. These may be available from your local beekeeper.