Winter moves into spring


Spring is fast approaching with snowdrops in flower and crocuses opening. What have Ealing beekeepers been blogging about this winter?

Beekeeping afloat by Thomas Bickerdike started the year with an interesting article on ‘Insulation‘. Thomas expounds the virtues of keeping your home and hive well insulated in winter, with a particularly ingenious solution to fitting fondant and insulation under the roof of a nuc.

Emily Scott of Adventuresinbeeland’s Blog has posted about Flow Hive – perhaps you’ve heard of it? If you’re a beekeeper then you’re unlikely not to! What are your thoughts on the new hive set to revolutionise honey extraction? Take the poll on ‘Will the honey flow for you?

Miss Apis Mellifera by Emma Sarah Tennant has written about ‘Lessons under the hive‘, an impromptu beginner class on what you can find out about the colony in winter under the hive. If you’re thinking about hive records for the year ahead – will you use paper or electronic in ‘A beekeeper’s notes for February’?

We also congratulate Hen Corner by Sara Ward who is named first in 10 of the Best Courses in London. Read her post ‘London Calling‘.

Finally, if you’re looking for winter sunshine, don’t forget to chase the sunsets from California to Mexico in Postcards from San Francisco by Ealing-beekeeper-on-the-road Matwinder Randhawa.

Are you an Ealing beekeeper blogger not yet listed on this page? Do get in touch so that we can add you to the community.


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