All about the bees, ’bout the bees

Ealing beekeeper Sara gets her bees tucked up for winter, read more on her blog this week.

Hen Corner

Welcome back to Hen Corner!

As featured in Country Living Magazine

With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve steamed our puddings, baked our cakes and will be winding our wreaths ready for Advent to begin. As we enter this season of preparation, let’s get our hearts and minds, as well as our homes and kitchens, ready for Christmas. Readers who follow us on Twitter and Facebook will have seen some of the other things we’ve been up to recently…

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Bee StreetTucked up but still centre stage

Whilst each colony of bees is almost at their lowest head count, with all the boys kicked out and the girls focused on protecting the queen through the coldest months, they are still attracting loads of attention as the general public are becoming more aware of their…

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